Why do kangaroos bounce?

Apart from being the fastest means of transport, the energy of the bounce is stored in the tendons of the legs, while the intestines bounce up and down they empty and fill the lungs without needing to activate the chest muscles.

Very energy efficient.

Blog update

The Blog will be updated with images from the exhibition from Thursday 16th Feb.

The show opens at 6pm Tuesday 14th Feb. Will be on until 16th March.

141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Arrived in Melbourne

Arrived back to Melbourne, I won’t have much internet access for the first few days, so I will update the blog with images soon.


Enjoyed seeing this Australian shaped beef burgers in Woolworths yesterday! How prideful!


Come play with me

This blog will be updated with interesting images and stories through out February 2012.

(The obscurer /kitsch/ unexplainable the better)

Starting from the Wednesday 1st Feb I will be letting you into the world of my random research.  Collected from travels to Australia.

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